Cara Memperkenalkan Diri di Depan Umum Dengan Bahasa Inggris

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb..Hello Everybody..
Good Morning? How Are You today? I Hope All Very Fine..
Let Me Introduce My Self..’Cause Don’t Know Then,Don’t Love.
My Name Is : Chaerunnisa
You Can Call Me : Nisa/Icha
I Was Born In : Kolaka,13 July 1998..But In My Diploma 1999
My Religion Is : Moslem
My Blood Type Is : B
My Ideal Is : Doctor ‘Cause In My Family Nobody Doctor,Majority Midwife ,Nurse And Teacher.
I Wanna Save Many People And Help My Patient.
Now,I’m Fiveteen Years Old..I’m Bugisnees..I’m Female

I Live at Buggasi Street,No.443,Tumpas,Unaaha,Konawe With Mrs.Salmia,But My Parents,And My Big Family Live In Kolaka Utara.
I Have Two Youngest Brother  They Are Ismu Adzan And Fiqhi Harwangsa..I’m The First Child In My Happy Family

My Father And My Mom Is PNS.
My Hobby Are : Listening A Music,Explore And Browsing In Internet
My Talent Are : Make A Poet,Organization And Entertain Many People.

If I Have Free Time,Usually I Watch Korean Drama In My Laptop,And Watch Comedy ‘Cause All That Make Me Happy And Entertain Myself Such Us,Facebooker,Etc.I Also Like Listening  Music.Specially Like K-Pop Music,DJ,And Western Music  Very Much.I Have Many Collection Songs In My MP3.And I Listening Music Almost Every Night,If I Bored And Go Home From School.

My Favorite Colour Are : Green,Blue And White I Think ‘Cause Green Colour Is Natural Colour In The World,And I Like Blue ‘Cause If I See The Sky And If I Go To The Sea I Always  Very Happy  And White Is Holy,And Clean Colour.

My Favorite Sport Are : Run/Jogging,Volleyball And Table Tennis
My Favorite Food Are : Meatball,Pancake,And Omelet
My Favorite Drink Are : Cappucino And Avocado Juice
My Favorite Book Are : Novel,Book Of Funny Words
My Favorite Lesson Are : English And Religion Education
My Favorite Teacher Is : I Think All Teacher In JHS 2 Unaaha.I’m Dedicated To Our Teacher In JHS 2 Unaaha As The Best Teacher In Konawe Regency..Please Applouse For Our Teacher.

If You Wanna Join My Life You Can Add Me In My Facebook Icha Chaerunnisa,And Follow My Twitter @Niiisaaa_ And Open My Website Nisaharwangsa.Blogspot.Com ,You can send my massage in my email,You Can Invite Me In BBM My Pin Is : 2956E972..And My Phone Number Is : 085394324336

I Have Pleasant Personality. Iam Very Friendly,Sometimes Iam Shy If I Meet New People.I’m Funny.I Know,Today I Still Smart But Later I’m Intelligent cause Intelligent Is Wise.Many People Say I Have Sweet Smile.I Have Many Friends.But Sometimes I Become Annoying Person And Selfish.I Also Lazy My Aunt Always Angry To Me.I Very Love JHS 2 Unaaha ‘Cause From This School I Can Know Organization Such Us,Osis And PMR.I Proud To Myself And My Friend In 9a ‘Cause.We Can Selected As Favorite Student In Favorite Class.
My Future Plans Still Long. First Iam Going To Improve English.And Then Insya Allah I’m School In SHS 4/1 Kendari.After That Continue In University Of Doctoring.And I Have Many Dream Such Us,Make My Parents Proud And Happy,Go To Korea And Europe,And Besides Doctor I Want To Be  Writer Poems,Musician And Fotografer..I Very Like Art Work And Literature Work..It’s Good For Me.And The Last I Wanna Happy Forever.AMIN J

Well,That’s All.. If My Speak Is Bad..I’m Sorry ‘Cause I Have Problem.I’m Toothache.And I’m Humans That No Off From Mistakes And Never Perfect. Thanks For Your Attention..
Good day and have a nice day..Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb


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